Holy Sonnet 10’s view of Death vs. My view of DEATH

             The speaker of Holy Sonnet 10 has a very unique view of Death. The speaker starts by telling Death that he doesn’t agree with how other people’s view on death and tells Death what his view is. He then goes on telling Death how he has no control over him and compares him with sleep and rest, two things that doesn’t hurt a bit. I agree with how the speaker view death, this view of death is similar to a Christian’s view of death, because death doesn’t end life it is just a step closer to heaven. After all these taunts to Death the speaker goes on by describing Death as a slave. Meaning that Fate controls death and people would die because of poison, war and sickness but not because of Death. Then he compares it with sleep again. For the last two lines the speaker calls Death a short sleep and when we awake we would be awake eternally which means eternal life. If we have eternal life then there would be no death and death would cease to exist. This thought of Death is a very calming, and it shows how death is not that big of a deal compare to eternal life.


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