Courage is something that everyone needs to learn in a lifetime you are not just born with it. Courage could be saying or doing the right thing even though no one is doing it.  It also takes courage being yourself and not surrendering to peer pressure.  If you search up courage on an online dictionary it will say that courage is the ability to do things even when in danger or standing up against something wrong. In the Bible there are lots of examples of people being courageous. My favorite one would be about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They  knew that worshiping the one and true God is not lawful but they still did it because they know it is right. They knew  that they will get persecuted but they still did it.

I read about Corrie Ten Boom last year and she showed me what courage is. Corrie is a woman who feared God. She did things that was unlawful for the Nazi like lying, stealing identification cards, and hiding the Jews. These put her life on the line for people she didn’t know. But she was being Courageous. She didn’t just sit back and watch just because she is an average woman. She stood up for what she knew was wrong even if she could die doing it. She told people that she was weak but because of God she was strong and courageous.

Beowulf was courageous. He put his life on the line for the good of others. But some of his decisions was courageous to his people but seems foolish to us. Like the part where he decides to fight Grendel barehanded.