My Hero =)

               My hero doesn’t have to be a superman, all he or she needs, is to be there when I need a hero. My view of a hero would be a person who is willing to sacrifice time or effort for the well being of others. Just like the super heroes on comic, my hero would appear when I need help, but not to save me from any monsters or danger, instead to be there to hear me complain about my worst day, hand me tissues when I am crying my eyes out, give me advice when I need it, and laugh out loud with me. My hero is not a typical Anglo-Saxon epic hero because I don’t need my hero to be brave, go on a quest, or have special powers. 

               God is always by my side and will always be available whenever I need him. He cares and understand me more than anyone else. He knows everything that happened to me and can give me the best advice. God is my Hero and He can be yours too. Just ask Him to be your savior.